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Daniel Clancy - President & Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Clancy is President and Chief Executive Officer of Clancy-Cullen. Having prior served as Vice President and Treasurer, he became President and CEO in 2007. He succeeded his sister Rosemary (President from 1997 – 2007) and his father Gene who purchased the company in 1968 and served as President until 1997 when he retired. Daniel continues the family heritage of stewarding the company in the challenging and exciting New York City market and surrounding areas.

Kees Edelman - President of Clancy-Cullen Library Services

Kees defines the industry standard in library relocation, work-flow and design. His vast knowledge of specific collections has developed over the past 26 years. As a Project Manager, he has handled some of the largest and most prestigious library moves throughout the US and Canada. From the initial walk through to the final placement of collections, Kees is hands on, guiding both client and crews throughout the relocation process.

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