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Hospital and Laboratory

Relocation Management Services

We are proud to work with New York's finest, world-leading hospitals and research laboratories to manage their office and equipment relocations.

New York's hospitals regularly see our specially trained and equipped Clancy-Cullen Tech-Teams safely deploying Magnetic Imaging, X-Ray, and Sonography equipment; Critical Monitoring and Medication Dispensing devices, and the most sophisticated Radio-Therapy and Radio-Surgery systems.

We also manage the transport and storage of frozen biological material. We have access to the products and equipment necessary to preserve materials at ultra-low temperatures, and a full line of freezers to move customer material at any temperature. We can relocate one freezer or a full lab, across town or throughout the world.

You can rely on our expertise to manage all aspects of your relocation. As a single-source provider, we assume responsibility for the full scope of your move and guide you through the process with customized laboratory equipment planning, flexible move planning, budgeting and scheduling services.

We appreciate each project's unique requirements. In many cases, these Highly Sensitive and Valuable systems need to move through some of the most challenging spaces imaginable – through 100 year old tunnels many city-blocks long, across multi-story catwalks high in a towering sky-scraper. We welcome the challenge.

We offer the following relocation management solutions:

  • Laboratory Equipment Planning & Disposition
  • Scheduling & Logistics, Cost & Budget Projections
  • Bar code accessioning and retrieval; Online inventory management provides real-time assessment of your assets so you may track their deployment
  • IT Coordination, Computer & Electronics Connection Services (Instrumentation Shutdown & Startup)
  • HAZMAT Management
  • Disposal/Sale of Unwanted Equipment & Assets
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